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Modern Man’s Elegance

The concept of elegance has changed and fashion rules are constantly updating with style innovation. Men’s guardrobe must haves like suits or double breasted blazers that were once used for occasional vernissages or for work are nowadays worn for any occasion. Elegance has lost it’s formal feature becoming more casual and urban and it has become a sort of passepartout for everyday life.
  • Perfect line
  • Total care from head to toe
  • A little aesthetical habit
  • Curiosity and the will to experiment
You shouldn’t be afraid of looking too old style, suits have new lines that are totally in favor of versatility so that you can mix together chic elements from casualwear and sportswear.
The ultimate features regarding men’s style that redifine the concept of elegance are: tight jackets reduced in length , smaller or larger revers but above all low waist trousers with tapered legs.
The new temptation is to get rid of the old schemes and play with patterns an colours making daring combinations using dramatic details and playing with proportions. The point is to express our creativity through our personal taste. Future of style is adapting one’s liberty to elegance . Looking for few basic rules?

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